Megan & Clancy

Sister & Sister-in-law




"I have known Ellen for more than 10 years. She is one of the most giving and kind people I have ever known. From knitting for my newborn son to baking and making dishes, she is always eager to show you how much she cares. Compassion for others and a heart filled with understanding are her hallmarks. Ever since I have known Ellen, I - along with our mutual friends - have known her to be smart, nurturing and we know how lucky we are to have her as a part of our lives. Ellen is a wonderful person who will be the perfect mother, eager to teach her child to show the same love to the world that she does every day."







I first met Ellen when we worked together in the Washington metro area, and we have remained close friends ever since. We continue to work in the same industry and live in the same community, and during these past nine years, I have gotten to know Ellen very well.

Ellen is a compassionate and empathic person, qualities she has demonstrated during our conversations about my own experience as an adoptee. She is the type of friend who has welcomed me to Thanksgiving dinner at her home and dropped off soup for me when I have been sick. We have celebrated milestone birthdays, grieved personal and professional losses, and traveled to Disneyland together. More importantly, Ellen’s loyalty means I can count on her always, even without being asked. From watching how she takes care of her beloved cat, Wilson, to how she nurtures her friendships, I know Ellen would be a loving parent.

I have observed Ellen interacting with the children of our close friends, and she is consistently kind and giving of her time and resources. She is financially stable and can provide a happy and healthy life to a child. Ellen is intelligent, self-aware, caring, and responsible, and I feel confident that these qualities will make her a wonderful mother. I do not know of anything in her character or history that would prevent her from being a successful adoptive parent.







I’ve known Ellen for more than 12 years. She was a trusted and talented colleague who became a close personal friend. When I left the company, she organized a multipart going away send-off to celebrate my time there. I was profoundly touched by her thoughtfulness – a trait that marks everything she does.

She’s incredibly nurturing. When my children were born, she was among the very first to meet them. She asked how she could help. And she supported me a great deal over the years as I juggled work and parenting responsibilities. She loves spending time with my kids, and the feeling is mutual. She was the photographer for my newborn daughter, and photoshopped the pictures to hide my daughter’s blemishes from a severe case of eczema!

It’s no surprise that Ellen has many friends and is very close with her family. She’s so much fun to be around and is incredibly devoted to those she loves. If she’s not spending time with family and friends, she’s working on home improvements in her new house. She’s given me and my husband sound advice on lawnmowers and paint colors.

My family and I are incredibly blessed to have Ellen in my life. Any child would be fortunate to have Ellen as a mother.