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Family: Welcome

My family is very close-knit, despite being spread across the country. They are all incredibly caring, supportive and loving.

My mom lives in the Midwest. We talk daily and visit multiple times a year. We take trips and work on projects together throughout the year. She is the example of the parent I hope to be.

I have an amazing younger sister. She and her wife live on the West Coast with their dog, Gus, and their cat, Mr. Pawz. We talk several times a week and get together as often as we can.

They are all looking forward to adding a new member of the family via adoption.

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Holidays & Traditions

It's all about quality time when we get together. We spend a lot of time outside exploring nature - from hikes to neighborhood walks.

No family time is complete without puzzles and games - from Euchre, Cribbage, and dice to Guesstures, Scrabble and other board games. Lots of craziness and laughter ensue.

We started a tradition a few years ago of exchanging some handmade gifts for Christmas. It has lead to some amazing treasured gifts... and a few more "creative" ones.

Our Christmas tree is also full of generations of handmade ornaments - each with a story and a history. This year each of my family made something to add to my tree.

Family: Bio
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