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From the Midwest to the East Coast, farms to European cities, small towns and country roads to the streets of the capital - I've been blessed to see a lot of different places around the world including nearly 20 countries. I love to travel. I have spent time studying abroad in Spain and exploring Europe, visiting Africa, trekking Asia and Central America, and touring around the United States.

My travels and the people I've met along the way have had a huge impact on my life. Each of those experiences has helped shape me and given me a better understanding of the world and all the different people and cultures that make it up. I hope to share those adventures and experiences with my future child and have them grow up to respect others and the world around them.

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I'm an avid photographer and always travel with my camera.



I love knitting since it is portable and keeps my hands busy, and is always helpful making gifts for friends.


My mom and I have traveled across the country tracing our family history.



I love learning new skills, from languages to learning how to weave.

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